My Approach

My passion is to inspire, motivate and empower you to create the life you've always dreamed of by taking a holistic approach to your health and well-being. When you have your health, you have everything!


I give myself daily self-healing, meditate every day, and complete at least 12 rounds of sun-salutations. I take regular salt baths, drink water and aim to get at least 7 hours of sleep. Yet life happens, in all its glory good and bad and it is, in my experience of great need to be in our best health physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually to cope with all the situations, pain, grief, and anything else that may come along so unexpectedly. 

Offering Reiki is a most amazing gift for me. I am so passionate about its benefits not only for myself and my loved ones, but for you also. I am often blown away by the feedback and the positive changes people have from receiving treatments. Someone who once suffered with anxiety, or struggled with motivation just to get out into the fresh air for a run can now be free of the agony. Reiki really can be life changing for some! 

Reiki is for everyone! It is gentle, effective and has no negative side effects. It balances your energy on four levels; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, it boosts the immune system, eases pain, anxiety, and depression, and works effectively alongside orthodox healthcare and natural remedies.

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My Story

I was first introduced to Reiki in 2001 when my mum passed away. I was astonished at how I was able to cope with the pain and anger of losing her, and more profound for me, how close I felt to her from the very first session. When my practitioner told me she was teaching Reiki, I jumped at the chance and became a Reiki practitioner. In 2018 I graduated as a Reiki Master.


My life hasn’t been an easy one. I was physically abused by my stepfather on a regular basis during my childhood and lost my mum when she had turned just 50. I had suffered with anxiety for many years, have been through depression, and managed to stop myself from falling into alcoholism. I was homeless for a month or so living in unoccupied properties where I was attacked twice by men which left me feeling worthless and not good enough to make something of myself. Somehow, I managed to see the light and picked myself up.


Fast forward a few years, I was in a loveless marriage and left the marital home to raise my daughter alone when she was just 3 years old while managing a small coach training college. It was in 2009 I trained to become a coach. My dad passed in 2010 unexpectedly at the age of 60 and the agony of losing him was almost too much to bear. With the support of friends, coaching, and continuing to receive Reiki healing over the years, I began to heal and thrive! 


Following my passion for health and wellness, I continued my education and graduated as a Health Coach in 2015. The doors of opportunity blew wide open!

The changes I have made in my life since becoming a coach have been amazing. As well as supporting others with their well-being, in 2015 I was invited alongside the Met Police during their ‘Mental Health Awareness’ week to speak with commuters specifically as a prevention of suicide in all major London train stations, and more recently I spoke at Kingston University during their ‘Wellness Week’ about the mental health benefits of receiving Reiki healing.​


To feed my passion for knowledge, I received a diploma with distinction (Eating Psychology Coaching) in April 2021, and am now training for my Meditation Teacher Diploma!

Maintaining my health and well-being while supporting others with theirs, continues to be my greatest passion, and I am proud to have turned my passion for health and wellness into a career!

And for those of you who are interested in taking care of your largest organ, the skin. I am also an Ambassador for Tropic Skincare, offering FRESHLY MADE, CRUELTY-FREE, NATURAL award-winning range of skincare and beauty, freshly made in the UK using the most innovative, effective ingredients that nature has to offer.


Thank you for taking the time to visit my website. I hope to see you in person soon.


With love, Bobbie 


Tropic Skincare

Skincare has always been important to me, and I'm a true believer that our skin shows how we take care of ourselves, or not. Not only is it important what we put into our bodies to feed our cells, but as the largest organ, it's equally important what we put on our skin too.
I already have good skin for my age.. There's a few laughter lines (they're not funny), but at 50 with things slowing down a (very) little, I could do with some help in maintaining my skin from the outside-in, and not just the inside-out. (ooh, that reminds me, I must purchase Tropic's sun care range).
Choosing to become an Ambassador with Tropic Skincare is an amazing opportunity for me to use their amazing skin products and haircare, but also embracing the business opportunity that is aligned with my values and one that my daughter, Molly can consciously and confidently engage and grow with.
Tropic Skincare's "infinite purpose is to help create a healthier, greener, more empowered world." I am so proud to be consciously part of their amazing team!

You can visit my online shop at

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