Face to Face Reiki 

The amazing healing of Reiki is for everyone! Reiki is effective, gentle, non-invasive, and doesn't have any negative side effects. 

Reiki is a beautiful, relaxing Japanese healing technique which channels the universal life-force energy through the practitioner into you.


As it flows through you it is enhancing and accelerating your own natural healing process on four levels; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, giving your body, mind and spirit a break from everyday stresses at a very deep level.


A Reiki treatment is very relaxing, and it is when we are in this deep state of relaxation, our body is able to heal. 

I am offering Reiki Healing sessions from The Mo-Ichido Centre in Horton Country Park, Epsom, as well as offering you the convenience of my coming to your home. You can even keep your PJ's on?! 


30 minutes @ £25

1 hour @ £40


20 minutes @ £15

Please note, Reiki at your home may incur a small charge for distance. But this will be discussed and confirmed before your booking. Thank you. 

Reiki space at home.jpg